Smart Solutions for the Perfect Baby Shower Gifts

Smart Solutions for the Perfect Baby Shower Gifts

Alternatives to baby bath tubs, bath loungers are installed in your bathtub or shower 2 in 1 bouncer and swing. They are suitable for infants and babies under one year old. The advantage of the bathing chair is that it keeps your child in a semi-recumbent position, you can put it down and use both hands to wash it, rinse it or play with it. This allows you to better enjoy this special moment with him. When it comes to the baby shower gifts then these are the options that you can opt for. You can find the right solutions here now.

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Good to know:

if you are not using a recliner, you should always have an arm around your baby to support him.

Some bath chairs are retractable for easy storage, others have cells to let the bath water circulate around the baby.

Important Point:

Always check that the deckchair is stable in the bathtub so that your baby does not slip.

Baby bath products

Third point to pay attention to: skincare products. Babies have more sensitive skin than adults, so care should be taken to only use products that are non-allergenic and respectful of your little one’s skin (for example, products without soap). You can use the same product for baby’s hair and body. Just pay attention to its composition to avoid drying baby’s skin or causing irritation.

As with adults, not all baby’s skin reacts the same and it may take a while for you to find the perfect product for your newborn baby. Don’t hesitate to talk to your pediatrician or pharmacist.

To continue to relax baby after the bath, you can also opt for a massage oil or cream. Very pleasant for your child, this little massage will also allow you to spend a little more time alone with him and will strengthen your parent-child bond.

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Bath thermometers

The temperature is a very important factor to consider for baby bath. You have to pay attention to that of the water and that of the room.

The bathroom should have a temperature between 22 and 25 ° C. Also make sure that there is no drafts. The bath water should be below 37 ° C. To avoid falsifying your measurements, mix the water with your hand: this will allow the temperature to be homogenized . A bath thermometer will allow you to be sure of the temperature of the water, but if you do not have one on hand, dip your elbow in the water: its heat should seem pleasant to you.

The elbow in the hand should be preferred to check the correct water temperature because the hand may be used to higher temperatures.

Bath toys

You can play with baby in his bath from the age of 6 months. This will make this moment even more pleasant for baby and for you, in addition to developing his alertness and fine motor skills.

From birth, toys can simply be used as companionship for your child, who will feel reassured to have them with him.